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Architectural Feature

  The nanyao Temple consisted of one halls originally, to which a second, known as the Guanyin Hall, was added in 1912. Recently, it was enlarged the back hall as lingshiau hall. From this temple, the most precious thing we can see is that the traditional Chinese Wood made Sanchuan Hall, the Main Hall and western-style Guanyin hall and concrete-made Lingshiau hall show a blend of traditional Chinese, western and modern architecture elements.

  Here, we also can see many valuable period pieces, such as the inscribed board "Hou De Pei Tian, whichmeans Mazu's Virtue is as great as the heaven; the white stone sculpture and green stone sculpture beside the gate of Sanchuan hall; the western-style Guanyin hall; and the statue of Chinese deity Li Tieh-kuai beside rear hall pool-the statue was made by a famous sculptor named jiang Ren-hsing.

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 ADDRESS: No.43, Nanyao Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County 500, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 
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