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  According to the legend, a potter named Chian young was recruited from Bengang during the Qing Dynasty. He brought a Chinese amulet from a Heavenly Goddess Temple in Bengang. in 1738, Chen clan donated a land to build a thatch shrine and called it Mazu Temple, which was the predecessor of the present temple . In november of the same year, gentries and believers collected money to build the nanyao Temple. in 1839, it added the right porch and two doors of this hall. The temple was restored in 1873 and rebilt in 1922. Its appearance. similar to Taipei Lungshan Temple and Lugang Tianhou Temple. The major deity in this temple is Mazu; other deities are Guanyin, the Birth Goddess, theland Deity, Yu-huang deity, San-guan Deity, Wu-gu deity, guang-ze king and Cheng-gong Zheng. It is a Class 3 ancient site.

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 TEL: 04-7222893.04-7277599 
 ADDRESS: No.43, Nanyao Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County 500, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 
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